Please?!Oh Please…

It was late afternoon when I get out of the office.  I rode a dowdy multi cab to head home.  As the multi cab speedily travels, I was flabbergasted when a hand touched my waistline! Gosh, I thought someone harassed me but it was just this middle 30’s woman who handed me the transportation fare to the driver.  Oh my! I was dismayed with her attitude.  Is the word PLEASE hard to utter?

This is what I recognized with other people especially commuters in a public vehicle.  They do sometimes not know how to say please to their request in handing their fare to the driver.  Gosh, haven’t they studied what is GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT? Hmmm, or have they use their coconut shell to know what is appropriate manner all about?

I just can’t comprehend why some just can’t say please.   When I encounter this kind of situation, my left eyebrow suddenly raises and it irks me up.  It makes me wanna lecture them about how rude it was to suddenly hastily touch other people’s body parts to let us know what they want.

Hopefully, I won’t encounter this kind experience again so that I won’t say Please?! Oh Please….*sigh


2 thoughts on “Please?!Oh Please…

  1. hi Jenny,i really enjoy reading your blog…i think it’s funny and full of good humour…i’m living in Melbourne now,but i was born in Guadalupe…is it really crowded there now?and is it still safe walking around at night in the city?take care and keep blogging…

    • Hi there!
      Thanks for dropping by and appreciating my blog…Do you mean Guadalupe here in Cebu? Places here in Cebu are not that crowded compared to Manila. Walking at nights will be safe if you do not let your guards down. 😀

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