Humorous Guy

Hmm, this is the very first time that I’m gonna talk about guy thing in this online world. LOL

Alright, I happened to know this humorous guy sometime ago and I kinda like him because he is so cool and nice to talk to about anything under the sun.  We share some interests in life that is why we have spontaneous conversation.

There were no dry moments with Humorous Guy as we chitchat every now and then.  I got to share any feelings, disappointments and heartaches to him and vice versa.  He comforts me and so do I to him whenever problem or any troublesome happenings occur.  For short, we are always there for one another at all cost in some ways.

Lately, I ascertain that I get jealous whenever he talks about the girls he likes and that stuff.  Geez, something pricks my heart but am very sure that I am not in love with him.  I think I just do not want him to look any other girls because as what he said he likes me and one of the special people in his heart and I am kind of a possessive type of girl friend?! Duh, whatever..hahaha

Sometimes, I test him by telling stuff about guys who sort of expressing their intentions towards me and men whom I admire.  He shows signs of jealousy however I do not consider him of feeling really envious and wants to wreck a neck with whomever men that I engage with.  My evidence?—my gut and this so called “woman’s instinct”.  Yeah, I know instincts can go wrong but I do trust mine because it seldom fails me.

Time flies so fast and everything changes between us like I did not expect that it will happen this way.  Our constant tête-à-tête turns into once in a blue moon or whoever-wants-to-chat-first.  I really wanted to make the move and drop a line or bombard him with messages but I just control the urge of doing so because he might think that I miss him big time which in some ways I do.  Why control you might ask.  Oh well, it is because he seems like he is avoiding me like I got this incurable disease or he just do not want to have this closer-you-and-I feeling for both of us, which I am not anticipating because as of this writing my heart goes numb. LOL

You might think that guess am falling with this guy.  Well, the answer is a big and crisp NO.  I just like his company and the way he made me smile. Plus, the exchange of silly, crazy and out of this world chats.  Hopefully, I get the chance to talk with him again like the way we used to.  I value our friendship so much.  Hope to hear from him soon. 😉


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