Is there a Possibility?

aliensAlien noun [áylyеe en]- a being from another planet or another part of the universe

As I was on my way home, a nonsense thought popped in my mind.  If is there a possibility that humans are aliens? LOL, I know that it is fool of me to think this way but the idea can be true eh? How can we really support the fact that we claimed that we are HUMAN when we are the only ones who created it.  We made theories and information that those living on other parts of the universe are ALIENS.

Is there an exact data that the living things existing in planet Earth are not aliens? Feel free to tell my nonsense thinking about this.  [hahaha] I think we are extraterrestrial being in some ways because believe it or not when other creatures from other planet or galaxy see us, they would think we look strange and don’t belong to their category.

Hence, each and every one of us whether we are from planet Earth, Mars or Saturn is extraterrestrial in our own ways.  [hehehe]


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