Jinx of the Cheque

This happened a year ago, just want to share this jinx that I experienced and how embarrassing that day was! LOL… Here it goes!

March 14, 2008…the day before payday, our salary was given in advance and we (especially Me) were so excited and happy about it.  Who on earth will not be on high spirits?  We agreed that we will treat ourselves by eating a bunch of delectable foods.  Before the clock strikes at 5:00 pm, we already agreed that we must finish our work right before the exact time we kick our gorgeous butts out in the office.  In fact, I and my other co-officemates PM’s one another.

We hurriedly sign the payslip that tells we received our check (hmm…sounds sossy!) because our cash card is still on the process.  And when the time clock says that it is already 5pm, we were sort of rushing to log-out in our high tech mini version of Bundy clock.  We hastily took a multi cab to reach the bank before 5:30 pm.  And the worst part of it, the multicab driver drove very, absolutely and totally SLOW.  ARGH! I just hate drivers like these.

When we reached the bank, it was already closed because we were 5 minutes late.  We begged to the highest level and showed our Oscar winning acting skills but alas he was not carried away.  The guard suggested that we should go to another branch.

To make the horrible narration short, we reached the other branch, waited in a long line and blab to kill the time.  When one of my co-worker reached the teller and completely filled every info. The teller suddenly exclaimed like this “Dili pa man ni siya pwede ilisan kay March 15 ang nakabutang na date for encashment”.

Woah…we suddenly look at the check and ARG…the teller was right…
It was like all the massive and heavy things fell on our shoulder.  Imagine, we haven’t taken our dinner and we were so hungry.  The anacondas inside my stomach are grumbling and fighting! And at the end of the road, we got nothing?! Good thing, I still have enough money for my transportation fare.  If we went farther to look for another bank’s branch just to secure that we can encash our check, I do not know what will happen to me. HEHE

I might have walked from metropolis to Talisay City or the worst part of it- asking alms to passersby! Gosh~ I cannot imagine myself in that horrible scenario.   All the sweet things we planned for an awesome dinner turned out to be bitter ones :S. It was such an awful day and I curse my brain?? for having an impulsive mind.  I admit that  it was my fault also because I did not use my smart brain!HAHA…


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