Bored to Death!

*Yawn* Geez, this is such a boring Monday, my eyes are falling and no challenging tasks to do! I am so bored and I wanted to sleep right now in this boring office. (LOL) It has been several months from now that I feel so bored in this so ordinary routine in the office– linkbuilding, data mining and doing extra curricular activities to make me feel alive and enthusiastic.  I do not know why I always feel sleepy every time I will report for duty.  Guess, my body is exhausted for another sleepy and boring day in the office!

Argh, I do not know what to do to keep my mind busy and avoid this terrible sleepy syndrome.  Boss, if you hear this out give me some taxing, challenging and mind blowing task for crying out loud! (LOL) I want some challenge– facebooking, surfing the net, reading forums and chatting is no sweat at all. [hehehe] Anyway, let me share this cool video that I  found in the net during my quest for medication on how not to get bored in the office.


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