Turning German

Hallo….Guten Morgen! Does it ring a bell? If it does then welcome to the world of German speaking people.  Geez, my mind is bleeding, stressed and frustrated yet excited.  Wanna know why? My Filipino cousin turned German speaking wife wanted me to join this ever popular German social networking version of Facebook,  kwick.de.  She bugs me every time I go online to join this social networking site where in fact I do not have any freakin’ idea about German language.  All I know is Ich Liebe Dich which means I Love You.

To grant her being persistent,  I joined and fill in  all the necessary information with the help  courtesy of Uncle Google Translator and the knowledge of my ever persistent cousin.  I do not know what comes in her mind to let me join this social networking site in which I do not even understand most of what is written.  She has been telling me to study German language  every time we talk but I do not have the determination and passion yet not unless she will introduce me to handsome and hot German guys.

Anyway, as I was browsing and asking tons of translations of every German word and phrase to English language I got the hang of it.  And to my surprise, I am beginning to enjoy the site and get to converse with German guys though there is no hot man yet that gives me shiver on my spine and tickle to my bones. :p Numerous men bombards me with messages and I was stun! I was wondering, am I that attractive to get noticed? LOL…Gosh, it is so hard to be born beautiful and sexy. :p LOL *Screw you if you do not agree with me! *evil laugh

My brain bleeds as they asked me “wie geht es dir?”, Gosh, I hurriedly google the German translation for I am doing fine…LOL But in the end I told them that I am not fluent with their mother tongue.  Anyway, it was a good experience for me as I become a part of the site because I forcefully and immediately learn German language although it was basic but additional foreign vocabs for me.  Furthermore, I get to know new friends and discover that hell I am really beautiful! :p LOL

Vielen Dank Vetter ( Thank you cousin) for forcing me to join Kwick.de!


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