My Spooky Halloween

November 1, 2009 marks the Halloween celebration here in the Philippines.  Every Filipino will go to the cemetery, light candles, offer flowers and say a pray to their beloved who already joined with our Almighty Father in heaven.  Folklores and superstitious beliefs often told that during Halloween, various kinds of third elements and lost souls will roam around every nook of your place to visit or scare the hell out of you.  In connection with this scary celebration, allow me to share you my spooky Halloween experience.  It happened years ago, I was in my grandmother’s room because I was told to get my sister’s pair of shoes in that room.  It was weeks after my grandmother died and it scares the hell out of me to go inside her room though I know that there is nothing to be afraid of since she was a good grandma to us and I know it’s not like her to play jokes to her grandchildren.  I kept on complaining to my mother that my sister should get her own belongings but mom said why am I making such a fuss when it is such a no big deal.  As an obedient child as I am, I followed and entered the room of my past grand mother.

As I opened the door, a gentle wind suddenly caress my whole body.  It gives me unusual shiver and it scares all the nerves in my whole body! However, I pretended that it is just a normal wind coming from the window and there is nothing to worry.  When I looked at my grandmother’s semi-large portrait it seems she is smiling big time, which is odd compared to the authentic picture.  I scrub my eyes to know if am I just dreaming or not that I see my grandmother’s photo smiling with all teeth shown.  But, the image of a big smile is FOR REAL because it is not like that, the photo was just half grin with no teeth shown! Guess, I was just hallucinating at that time, perhaps dreaming or just a product of my scaredy cat imagination.  I immediately hurried to the closet and get my sister’s shoes.  As I bend down, a cold and unexplainable temperature touched my nape! I was about to faint and shout at the top of my lungs because of my fear!

It was a millisecond that  I reached the door, grab the door knob and open it and shut it with a bang! I thought I was about to die at that time. LOL My mother asked me what the hell happen to me and I was trembling as I uttered the words that grandmother touched me! She poked me because I was fabricating stories and there is no truth about ghosts or any related scary elements.  But really, during that time I really felt that my grandmother wanted to reach out for me or I think she wanted us to remember her always even though she isn’t with us anymore.  Good thing, that my sixth sense is weak and I do not hope that it will be awoken! LOL…

To give you a spooky Halloween to make your pants or skirts wet with your pee, LOL here’s a video that I found in YouTube.  Jump for nervousness and excitement!




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