Those Days that Passed

A lot of things happened over my past absence of posting here in my so called home in the world of cyberspace.  Great happenings and blessed life shower me over the weekend.  Here’s a short recap of what is up with my life, as if someone is interested!LOL

November 1, 2009 (7:ooPM-dawn)– My family and I went to cemetery for All Saint’s Day celebration, in which the visiting of the souls should be done on the 2nd day of November instead of  the first day.  Oh well, no need to wonder as most Pinoys love to practice advance celebration rather than doing on the exact date.  Thank Heavens that the weather is absolutely good on that day and we had the time to pay a visit to our beloved one’s graveyard.  It made me realized that no matter where they are, keeping them always remembered  in our heart and mind will surely do a big impact on them.  That makes them think that they are never forgotten and will always be treasured ’til the last breath of our life.  After that whole visiting of the graveyard and lightning of candles, we reminisced the days that our loved ones stayed with us on their last days here on Earth.  It was really amusing and fun in some ways as we recall on what kind of person they are and how sometimes annoying they are.  hehehe…After all that long chitchats, I feel so sleepy that I managed to sleep atop the graveyard. LOL..My back was absolutely aching and my whole body is chilling due to cold winds wrapping around my body and the hard cement that I am lying. LOL..But I enjoyed that moment and made me appreciate more about life.

November 2, 2009 (All Soul’s Day)- This is a very special day that I become a year wiser, a year lovelier, a year for a spanking new year and 25 years of new living in this planet.   During this day, it is somewhat different from my past birthdays, as I get to spend money (LOL) for just-enough-food-preparation for my family and relatives.  I was overwhelm with the love and greetings being showered upon me coming from my close friends and special people in my life.  But there is this someone that is somewhat close to my heart, never ever dare or care to greet me! Holy macaroni, I was absolutely disappointed with him because my birthday was like broadcasted in the whole Facebook Page (LOL, you know there is this portion in facebook page where you got to see who’s celebrating their birthdays) and in my profile! Geez, I was really expecting him to at least remember my special day in some ways but up to this writing he did not even bother  or care to know! I think, I was just assuming over the things he had shown towards me.  😦 Anyway, I tried to celebrate it with a blast and enjoyed another year in my life.  I really thank Almighty Father for showering me with blessings of good fortune and everything good He has done in my life.  With this whole 25 years of journey on the road of life, I learned so many things.  Two of the important learnings that I value and makes me more mature are:

  • Life is to short to be wasted on craps. Hence, one should cherish every moment of his/her life.  No matter how difficult or easy it is.  We should keep going because we cannot undo the past and we only live once.  We should give thanks every second, every minute and every hour of our life because we cannot predict what will happen to us the moment  we get out in the office or from the moment we go home.  Dwelling on bitter memories will do no good in our life, we should leave it behind and enjoy on the things that life has to offer.  There was this saying that we should not find the things that makes us happy but instead get rid of the things that make us upset or lonely, so that we can know the real meaning of HAPPINESS.  Hope am making sense!LOL
  • Do not make someone your priority if you are just an option. One person made me realized about this one.  I won’t elaborate the whole situation because I regret the day I met him because he makes me look and feel like a stupid person.  One should not settle for less because I do believe no matter how bad can sometimes people think of us we deserve nothing but the best in life.  We all deserve the best because we are made for the best.  It is just so sad to know that some settle for being the least because of their foolish emotions or martyr personality that keeps on clinging that the person they love will change for them.  Pathetic it can be but I can do nothing about it because they choose to live that way.

That’s it for now because I might not stop writing and blabbing! LOL


Warm hugs and kisses to all the people who meant so much to me! Words aren’t enough to show how much I appreciate, care and love you guys! xoxoxo


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