Neighborhood Crush

Tall, small round eyes and nice haircut ala Korean look best describes my crush. LOL Sounds like I am a fresh grown adolescent or a thirteen year old teenager dying to take a glimpse of someone who catches her fancy.  Oh well, this is me easily transforms into a crazy teen when I sight drop dead gorgeous creatures.  LOL  Anyway, I did not expect this morning that me and neighborhood crush will go together on our way to our respective offices but not as two beautiful species (LOL) doing some chit chats as they go their way to ride a vehicle.

I was about to have the opportunity of sitting beside him in the tricycle but I let the chance passed by because I was not in the mood to have some long more walks to get a ride.  I arrived first in the waiting area for buses, at first I did not recognize the guy who looks confident and striking whilst approaching the waiting area.  When I stare the guy, gosh! I drop my jaw literally (LOL) because Neighborhood Crush looks appealing on his brown shirt and cool sunglasses that perfectly fits  on  his nice jawline and sort of oval face.  Do not wonder why I know his face’s features because FYI I have excellent memory when it comes to beautiful living things. LOL

Whenever I look at him he reminds me of my favorite K-pop singer, Kim Hyun Joong.  The style of the hair and those cute round eyes. You might think that I am exaggerating things but hey it is just me.  I just thought that they got some similarities, just my opinion though.  Anyway, as we waited for the bus, I am itching to sit beside him but I controlled myself. LOL I don’t want to be tagged as an easy girl. LOL It never occurred in my mind or pray about it that we will be together on the same bus.  But with good luck playing on my side, we were together! Hahaha

The thing with Neighborhood Crush  is that he is kinda weird because he is, most of the times,  so quiet whenever I am around.  Am I that intimidating? Or am I just that beautiful that will leave every man speechless? LOL… The last time we had a get together was during my cousin’s graduation, wherein he is among the guests.  He won’t do much of the talking or contribute to the conversation whenever I will occasionally bond with their group.  Guess, he is just like that– so shy to approach a lovely lass like me. Hahaha I just love myself! :p

I do not know when will it happen again because he usually goes to work early and with that I need and must wake up early! Dang, I just hate waking up early! I think I need lots of good lucks on my side to be with him again.  *crossing fingers, arms and legs 😉


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