Just Nothing: Scribbling out of Boredom

I am absolutely sleepy and bored today! As always, I slept late because of someone that I like so much. He asked me to stay for a couple of hours so that we could chat longer and as obedient as I am I fully obliged to his favors. LOL, Oh well, I love how the way we do chitchats and the way we call each other.

It has been eons since the last time we talked and I was surprised when he suddenly send me a message! I was like, wow! he still remembers me! *blush* He is the cause of my sleepy days in the office…hahaha I was blaming him but it is my fault I know. I just cannot say NO to him whenever he tells me “please, don’t leave me, just stay for a little more longer [endearment here]” *blush :). I cannot help it but smile with all teeth up to the end of my ears because he does something in me that I could not explain. nyay, Am I falling for this person? Hope not because I am not yet reading to get hurt again. 😦

Anyway, I am just enjoying every moment I spend my time with him. Just enjoying the flow of every conversation we had and we will have. Hope to catch him today so that this boring and missing emotion that I felt will be filled with happiness and all smiles! ^________^


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