Stolen Heart?

It has been a week since Handsome Nurse dedicated a song for me. It has been 3 or 4 days now the last time we talked. I guess he is very busy with work and then reviewing to pass for that US Nursing Licensure. I don’t want to disturb him even though I am bug by the itch to drop a “hi” or “hello” line but I can’t because he might not reply which will just make my fragile heart suffers. I am missing him so much and seems like every time I close and open my eyes, thoughts and images of him suddenly pop in my mind.

My gosh! Am I falling in love with this person? I just don’t freakin’ know the answer also. All I know is I miss him and when he told me days before that he misses me too, my heart jumped for joy! It’s like am in seventh heaven. And because of this strange emotions that I am feeling for him, I just hate it. This is not what I like when it comes to this kind of thing. When I like a certain person and when they show signs of reciprocating my feelings, I tend to hope that whenever I needed his presence he will be totally there. I wish that all of his attention will be mine alone. Yeah, that’s how obsessive and possessive I can be. LOL But I ain’t a freaking stalker or to suffocate someone with this sort-of-abnormal-attitude.

Perhaps, he really stole my heart. And I am so stupid to let him stole my heart, in which I don’t know if he is feeling the same way since he did not exactly told me that 1.) he likes me or 2.) we are on the MU stage or 3.) he is falling for me or 4.) he loves or 5.)all possible choices and signs of falling for someone. Argh, it makes my head aches…*sigh

I did not saw this one coming because I did not expect that our “whatever relationship” we have as of this moment will grow into something wonderful and will bloom, oh well that’s how I perceived it. Think I should not think about this more often and guess just savor every moment ’til it last. Hope there will be less heart aches and pain but more love, love and love!


2 thoughts on “Stolen Heart?

  1. Man, I hate not knowing if you’re falling in love. That’s a difficult place to be. That’s cool that he told you he misses you. That’s a very good sign. I hope it works out!

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