When Expectation meets Reality

expectation: n. [ĕk’spĕk-tā’shən]- eager anticipation
reality: n. [rē-ăl’ĭ-tē]- state of being actual or true

Last Saturday night I watched a movie entitled “500 Days of Summer“, a story about boy meets girl in a not-so-ordinary-setting.  As what the narrator said, this is not your typical love story with happy endings, which I couldn’t agree for more.  This movie made me realized some things and ponder some thoughts in finding “the one” & all things about L.O.V.E.

After I watched the flick,  it shed light in my views about destiny, soul mate and all things related to love.  When it comes to soul mate it made me realized that there is really bound for each and everyone of us.  We should not be in a rush to find love because it will just come.  Just learn to be patient and have an open mind and do not just jump into a relationship just for the sake of having one.  I somehow agree in the movie that having someone you share the same wavelengths doesn’t mean he or she is your destined partner.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when Tom’s expectation and reality was shown in a split screen.   This is where all his expectations did not turn into reality and all he got were disappointment and heartaches.  I could absolutely relate of what have Tom felt during that day.  I have been there to that kind of situation wherein I expected a lot from that certain person and in the end I was totally wrong and just reading between the lines excessively.  This scene moves me big time! It made me wake up and gather my thoughts to comprehend completely the saying “thou shall not expect too much”.  Yeah, one should not put high expectations towards your apple of the eye as this is where false hopes start to sink in your fantasy world.  And then when expectation does not transform into what should it have to be in the real world, disappointments, heartache and excruciating pain suddenly wrap around your heart.  It is better to hope than to expect to avoid being upset and displeasure-kind-of-mood.  There fore I conclude, one should have the courage to face reality even though it hurts because this is our alarm clock to stop living in the world of fools.   We must face the harsh truth of life even though it will give us a heart-tearing-into-a-million-pieces emotion when expectation turns-out-into-a-total-failure as it meets reality.  But  believe me it will spare you from more hurt and much pains.  It may be easy being said than done but that is how life is! Learn to struggle the awful truth of reality and cherish every lesson you encounter as you journey in the road of life.


2 thoughts on “When Expectation meets Reality

  1. I agree completely with what you said. Patience is key. But it’s often so difficult. Whenever I get impatient or scared, it always makes me make bad decisions.

    • I agree with you that being patient in meeting the right one for us can be sometimes difficult since you do not know when you are going to wait. Awww, hopefully you will be more patient so that you won’t end up in making bad decisions. Anyway, that is how life is, we got to learn everyday whether from bad decisions or experiences. 🙂

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