Sleepy in the Office: What to do?

zzZZZzzz…ZzzzzZZZ, yawning frequently,  wishing for the time to get out in the office and thinking of other things to do just to fight the urge to sleep are the signs and symptoms that you don’t have enough sleep last night.  Yeah, been always in this kind of situation wherein I usually yawn and got a sleepy eyes when the clock strikes to 2:00pm.  I always have a sleepy and boring day in the office and because of this illness that I have, I already master the art on how to stay awake in front of your boss’ table.  Here are some tips that work out for me to avoid drowsy/dozy and slumberous syndrome:

1. Play online games or social networking applications– this is among the sure fire way to keep your eyes wide open and at the same time entertain yourself.  However, do this in a discreet manner and restrain yourself in showing excitement or any kind of emotions that will signify that you are doing something else. LOL

2. Do facebook, myspace, friendster or any social networking sites– update yourself with the latest happenings of your friends, relatives, ex boyfriends, girlfriends, hubbies or families and do post a comment to any interesting status or issues.  Comment posting is a fun way to make yourself awake in this broad daylight or sleepy nights (if you are on a night shift).

3. Watch a video– been itching to watch the latest action flick or that coolest MTV in town? Then, take a halt even for a few minutes and check out you favorite videos through Youtube or any sites that streams free MTV or movie videos.   As you do this, again be discreet and avoid unnecessary expression.  If you can’t help but laugh or cry hide your face near the monitor or secretly go the bathroom and release your kept emotions. LOL

4. Chat and chat– if Yahoo Messenger, MSN or Skype is allowed in your office, then grab the opportunity to chat all day just to kill the time.  However, if your chat conversation is being monitored then thou shall not do this if you do not want to get a memo or a termination notice. 😀

5. Blog- if you got anything in mind and wish to express whatever it is, then write about it.  Just like what am doing.  LOL Suggesting ways on how not to get sleepy in the office.

These are just few of the hundreds of thousands of things to do when you are bored and tired with the same freakin’ task at work.   I master the art of this one because I am always sleepy and bored.LOL


2 thoughts on “Sleepy in the Office: What to do?

  1. I like your option number 5 the best. Although, if you’re not sure how much time you’ll have, it would be a shame to get all inspired to write and then all of a sudden have to stop and start working again.

    • Yeah, that is the off side of it when you are in the mood to write something then you gotta stop because there is a pending task you need to finish or else you will be fired. But in my case, I won’t be settled if I can’t finish what I got to write so that I won’t be left blank minded when I continue what I blog about..hehe

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