Rare Gentleman Specie

It is so rare to encounter nowadays a true and perfect gentleman. While I rode a bus heading to my working place, there are no seats available for me and it is just so annoying that I got to stand in my entire ride until I reach the office.  Duh! I just hate the conductor who told me that there are still available seats but it turned out there were none! So, I do not have any choice but to ride in that crowded bus so that I won’t be late for work.  Then, here comes this man who offered me his seat.  Thank heavens that there is still an endangered gentleman specie living in this world!

I really appreciate the old folk’s gesture because he did not mind that he will be the one standing until the rest of his travel.  It is so sad to know that you can rarely see a man offering a seat to every woman either young or old just to provide comfort and show some respect.  I am really grateful whenever I encounter these type of lads who act as a true gentleman.  Because nowadays, most gents do not care or mind if there is this lady who needs help in an awkward situation.   Gone were the days, where you can see most men giving up their  seats to a woman especially to old folks or  helping them in crossing the street.

And for that hats off and kudos to all men who live up to the name of a real gentleman!  I salute you guys.  Hope your kind will multiply into billions because it seems that your type are becoming at risks.


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