Scene: Night out @ ParkMall

It was one of the most enjoyable night outs that I had experienced in my twenty five years of living in this planet Earth.  LOL…Well, it was a lot of fun as I get to bond with some of my office mates and past office pals.  Everybody is dressed up with fab outfits to look extra chic and sexy.  I can say that we totally prepared for that day since we do not have any company party to look forward.  Geez, our boss is absolutely stingy! *evil laugh… Heck, every company is having a party and I think boss’ business isn’t hit with the global recession, so why so stingy? LOL

Anyway, as the clock hits the time to kick our gorgeous face to the venue, holy macaroni seems like everyone is staring at us. [hahaha] Guess, we are such a looker on that night! 😀 Before we started the clubbing and boozing, we dine at Pier One, one of Parkmall’s  eating places.  The restaurant usually dishes out some Filipino cuisines as what I have observed in their list of menu.  We ordered some of their specialties but my personal favorite was the crispy pata.  *nyay, I am so hungry now! The pork is tender and the skin is absolutely crispy and delectable! (Now, my mouth is watering…LOL)

After chitchats and dining, we hit off to Y.O.U, where great music and cool ambiance surrounds the place.  I did not drink like a fish since am not into drinking alcoholic beverages.  I just do not like the smell and the taste.  Yikes..LOL     I am just a social and rare drinker, so you might wonder if that would be such a boring scene.  Oh well, exclude me in the rule.  I am a girl who knows how to have fun even not dosing myself with lots of  booze.  What I enjoy the most in going out to a bar are its music, bumping with cute lads, the never ending conversation and the time to spice up the dance floor! Yeah, I just love to dance, dance and dance though I ain’t an expert but I know how to dance. 😉 *tee hee

After some time of  feeling the rhythm of the music and letting all your worries behind made me feel like rejuvenated and invigorated.  Well, listening to the beat and follow what the beat says makes me feel really good.  And I thank myself that I really go for a night out to have fun because I was a bit doubtful at first either should I stay at home and wait for this guy whom I like for a conversation or hit off the party scene and have fun! Good thing that I chose the latter.  And there it goes, I had a blast! 😀

I was knocked down on my bed at 5:00 A.M but I do not mind~! hehehehe


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