Yuletide Wish Lists

Few days from now one of the most anticipated and glorious celebrations in different parts of the world will happen, which is Christmas.  This annual event is celebrated among Christians or Catholic believers in commemoration of the birth of  Jesus Christ of  Nazareth.  More often than not young and olds alike save their wishes until Christmas.  So, when the clock strikes to 12 midnight, all saved wishes start  to come out  to hope that  it will come true.  Am going to share my grown up Christmas wish lists.  Hopefully it will come true!

I am wishing, praying, thinking positive and hoping that:

1. Our business will flourish and boom big time.

2. Travel in different parts of the world.

3. Educate my siblings until they finish schooling.

4. Own any type of BMW latest car model :p

5. A computer laptop

6. A high powered Nikon SLR digital camera

7. Always good health and safety against any bad elements for all the people that I love

8. Meet the one who is destined for me and have a family on my own in the future.

9. Help the needy people either related by blood or not.

10. Finally process and claim the SSS moolah that I have been waiting for more than 2 years!

Oh! I realized that this is such a long and ambitious  list..LOL Anyway, I think with hard work and patience hopefully sooner not later that all these saved wishes will come into reality!


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