It was a Blast!

On this special season of love and joy, I had a wonderful and great Christmas experience.  I never thought that it will turn out this way since I did not anticipate that I will fully enjoy this Yuletide season.  I started the night by going to a mass with my brother and listen to the homily by one of the priests.  Though, I did not like how he delivered the sermon nevertheless I take my time to give all the thanks to our Lord Almighty for the graces and good health that He bestowed upon us.  This Christmas, it made me realized that no matter you have foods for Noche Buena or not what is important is that you are given another chance to celebrate the season with full of enthusiasm, positivity and thankfulness.  I can feel the overwhelming presence of the Lord Jesus Christ wrapping every nook of our soul, heart and house.  And with that I could not ask for more!

One more thing that added spice as I celebrated  Christmas, is that we chat for more than an hour with a friend of mine and Handsome Nurse! Yay,  for the whole conference I kept on laughing, grinning and felt tickle in my bones! LOL   Well, who on Earth would not be gay when your crush converse with you eh? Gosh, though I throw jokes, which some of it are half meant..LOL I never expected that there will be some revelations that made me see hope with my feelings [as what I perceived it though I might over thinking and reading the lines and might be wrong with it] to my Handsome Nurse.  hehehe As the chat conference ended, never expected that after that conversation we will engage in a private conversation.  There, he opened up a part of his life and wishing me that I should not sleep though it is 5:00 in the morning already for crying out loud! LOL On my part I do not want to sleep yet but gosh it is already morning and then I do not want him to think that I am really dead serious with him because he might take advantage or have his distant on me, which I do not want to happen.  I want us to remain as  friends even if he doesn’t like me or reciprocates my feelings.   It was so good as it lasted.  It was one of the best Christmas gifts ever though I want to kill this whatever feelings that I have for him.  Christmas was  full blown and fantastic BLAST! wohoo! hehehe

Anyway,  I am so thankful to Him that another joyous Christmas had passed for me and my family.  I thanked for all the good things and safety He showered upon us! And I still continue to hope, pray and wish that may He continues to bless all humankind with goodwill and lots of loving here on Earth! Moreover, may all people will remain hopeful and strong against all odds!


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