Angel in Disguise

Truly it angel in disguise.  Looks are very deceiving, I completely agree  whoever invented this line.  I did not know that we will be fooled of how she greatly looks.   I mean she is so demure and someone that you can really trust.  But we were darn wrong, she is the total opposite of what she should be.   I have  this boy cousin, though we are not that close, but still we made contacts occasionally.  He met this girl when he was still working somewhere else.   I do not know what place and what kind of work he had.  We thought that his ex-gf   is a perfect example of a wife to be.  Someone who is worth of your affection, time and care.  Until one heartbreaking event happened.  I will not just discuss the whole tear breaking, dramatic, romantic, cheesy, at the same corny episode.  But the summary of the story is the ending of their happy days as a couple.  If you say that the cause of their break up is a third party, you are completely and absolutely right.  At first we could not believe that my cousin’s ex will be easily tempt by another guy.  My cousin is so blind about the situation since the girl told her that she’s going to find a job.  But the whole thing is she already “slept” with the guy without my cousin’s knowledge.  Poor cousin.  And the worst part of it the girl told him to leave her alone first and in time she will differentiate her feelings for my cousin and her new guy. Even though she have chosen the new guy over my cousin.

When I heard about this crazy thought, I sympathized my cousin and kinda furious with the girl.  What does she think of my cousin- a toy? After  she feels bored with it, throw it away and when she feels of taking it back, she can have it in a jiffy?  Think again girl, if ever you will read this.

I just cannot help myself but write this stuff because this is some kinda an outlet of releasing my fuming emotions to her.  And instead of settling the relationship either for break up or reconciliation.  She ran away…

I think if you feel tired, bored, or merely fallen out of love in a relationship better settle and talk things out whatever the cause may be.  I know it is easier said than done, but how can you have a peace of mind if things did not end in a right way?  If you just want to keep quiet or hide in your room and burst into tears as a means of avoiding the dilemma, then it is a NO- NO.   I just hate people who do not have the balls to say the truth because no matter what you do, it will still give the same pain and hurt to that person.

Face the consequences or the outcomes of your actions no matter how bitter, shattering and painful it is.

That is life and reality… Live with it!


I was wrong then…

Sitting all alone
waiting for you to drop a line
but to my dismay you never dare
to say hi or hello, if am feelin’ fine

Guess, am expecting too much
Always told myself that we are just mere friends
But what can I do this stupid heart of mine won’t listen
Guess, this foolish heart  finally give in

My heart is screaming for you alone
wishing that you could hear even a faint sound
but none, you do not care even a bit
little by little it is suffering from pain
a pain that only me could hear

Wish my heart goes numb
that it cannot feel any pain
from the hurt you are givin’
wish i did not know you
to save myself from troubles
and avoid clinging from false hopes

Now, I am awaken from a deep sleep
Realizing where I stand in the first place
That everything you showed are nothing
I was just the one over thinking and assuming
By now, this I promise to myself that I will move on
Move on from where you have left me and leave my heart broken.

Will Gays Still Be Gays?

I was reading funny anecdotes online about people having amnesia. Then suddenly, a question popped in my mind.  Will gays (ex-men, you know men who have the heart of a woman and craving for a man..hehe) still be gays if they will have an amnesia?

What do you think guys? LOL

*Forgive me, my brain loads so slow these days and I am so freakin’ sleepy that I got nothing to think of.  Hahaha

What Turns Me On?

Chilly Sunday night and I got nothing to do. Out of boredom, I took a quiz about the kind of gesture that will turn me on. According to the quiz that I’ve taken…

Hey there, sweet thing!
In affairs of the heart, your pulse pounds at the tender and enchanting moments. While you may not have it all mapped out just yet, the fairytale ending is what you’re after and romantic gestures are a sure way to give you butterflies.
It might be sweet notes, a bubble bath for two, a surprise getaway to your
favorite B&B, or even just an extra spin around the block listening to your
favorite love song. Whatever it is, romantic moments (and the thoughts behind
them) turn you on. Sure, brains are important, a sense of humor is attractive,
and you never said there was anything wrong with sexy underthings, but it’s how your partner expresses their feelings for you that really lights your fire. How romantic!

The only thing that I can comment about the result is: ITS ABSOLUTELY TRUE~ yah…am a hopeless romantic lass who still wishes of having a fairytale romance. Well, there is nothing wrong dreaming of having one, ait?

Young Love…Sweet Love?

“And they called it puppy love…Oh she guess they’ll never know
How a young heart really feels …..And why she likes him so
And they called it puppy love….Just because she’s young
Tell them all it isn’t fair…To take away her only dream”
*excerpts from the song puppy love by Paul Anka. I changed some parts of the lyrics to fit for my content ;).

As I listen to this song, it lets me remember of my cute, young and dear cousin. I never and did not expect that she is going to say something that blows my mind away because for Pete’s sake she is still 5 years old. That’s why when she told me like that I was inspired to write this entry. For you to know of what am I talking about..The story goes like this:

We (my brother and my cute cousin, yeah I know that I already told you that she is cute because she certainly is!)were walking along the street because I will return her to her house. Heading home, she told me that we should hurry up and walk fast. I told her that there is nothing to hurry since we got all the time in the world. But she kept on insisting that we should and must hurry up. That is why I asked her, “why on Earth that we should walk fast? “ And to our great and absolutely shocking surprise she told us that “her crush” (I don’t wanna mention the guy’s name) might be in there house already. We were like someone hit by a bomb when she gave her answer. I never thought as in it never sink in my mind that she’s going to give me that response. I asked her why on Earth you like that person. Guess what her answer is….
a. handsome
b. gorgeous eyes
c. soft and smooth skin

If you answer any of the following choices,ennnnggggkkkkkk….you are dead wrong. She told me that she likes the man, who is 6 times older than her age, because of his porky body (hahaha..pardon for my word) but for her it is a masculine one . That is why, whenever the guy is around she never fails to catch his attention. And when she realized of what she is talking about, believe me or not but still believe me she is now shy to approach the guy unlike those past few days. So, it makes me wonder that my cousin has really had a “thing” for this guy. LOL *silly me

Anyway, I think it is quite normal to have a crush with someone but imagine at such a tender age, she already knows how it feels like whenever your eye candy approaches you. I was just stun with the happenings because it never really occurred in my mind that you know having that emotions of liking someone in a young age. *tee hee

But anyways, as my cousin will grow older and much prettier than me? Yeah right, she might just laugh on how she experienced puppy love in her tender age. I will surely relate it to her. These are one of the things in life that we cannot avoid. Love whether infatuation, puppy or true, never choose an age to strike in your heart. It will just hit you unexpectedly like a lightning.