Yes, You are Special Too!

OMG! Never in my wild imagination that he would say that I am special to him. I just can’t recover this seventh heaven feeling that I am savoring up to this broad daylight. Whenever I recall the conversation we had, darn, it is absolutely awesome! It all started with a simple and funny chat. Then, I began throwing loving and cheesy jokes at him that are half meant for me. LOL

During our chat, I did pretend and said that I am not important to him and he always took me for granted! Then, he took me by surprise when he seriously said “[endearment here], you are special to me” as in he repeated it twice! Holy cow! I was like stunned on my chair and mixed emotions suddenly came rushing through my veins and I was so delighted with the feelings that I felt.

I did not mind that the clock already says 1:00 AM and it is time for me to hit the bed. All I care during that time is the memory and comfy companionship that I shared with him. Hope he feels my sincerity though I always throw jokes at him about my feelings. I really wish that he can feel the same way that I do that “yes, he is special for me too!”


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