Cebu’s Grandest Celebration: Sinulog Festival

Few days from now, one of the most anticipated events in Philippine history will happen– the Sinulog Festival. This grand and majestic celebration will be frequented by plethora of devotees, tourists and worshipers from different parts of the world. Sinulog Festival is celebrated in honor of the holy and miraculous child Snr. Sto. Niño, the patron saint of Cebuanos. It is being held annually on every third Sunday of January. This festival will feature the most wonderful, colorful and fantastic happenings from the enthusiastic street dancing, humongous float, gigantic puppeteers and multicolored costumes don by gaily dancers.

During the opening salvo of Sinulog Festival, a holy mass will take place at Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño, wherein a sea of devotees will attend the mass. It has been deemed not just by Cebuanos but by whole Filipinos that this Holy Child is indeed miraculous and had helped them through all their needs and odds in life. To honor on what have Señor Sto. Niño has given to them this celebration is yearly commemorated to give thanks for the graces being bestowed upon them. Each corner of the street in every nook of Cebu City will be filled with anything under the sun such as band performances, tattoo booths, clubbing and various souvenir shops. It is like having everything you want in one roof.

Atmosphere will be enveloped with enthusiasm, joy, excitement and happiness as people either foreigners or locals bump each others shoulders as they move to the rhythm of the drums and beat of the music. The merry aura reflected in every person is so contagious that will give you a never to trade experience. In addition, the heat of the dance floor in the street will be spiced up with the ever lively dancers wearing fabulous outfit. Each part of Sinulog Festival should not be missed out since it will give you memorable experiences. Adding highlight to this revelry is the magnificent fireworks display by several government agencies and business companies. Colorful and bright lights spreading across the wide expanse on the sky will be observed by numerous tourist travelers from all walks of life.

The best thing about Sinulog Festival is not just about delectable dishes, fantastic partying and spectacular street dancing but the overwhelming faith of Filipino people as well as the foreign guests who join hands to express their undying faith and unwavering belief to Señor Sto. Niño.

With One Beat..One Dance.. One Vision…Pit Señor to All~


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