Am So Excited!

I can already feel the excitement in the air as Sinulog Festival is fast approaching. Few sleeps from now the grandest and magnificent celebration in the Queen City of the South- Cebu City will be kicking off! Wohoo… I just cannot hide this fired up emotion that am feeling right now. I am looking forward for all the great things that will happen during the said festival as there are numerous stunning sights and sounds lined up this coming Sinulog’s activities.

One more thing that makes me stirred is having a tattoo! Yep, you read it right am gonna have a tattoo but a henna one :p. Wish, that the ethnic tattoo design would look good on my shoulder. I cannot afford and have the guts to have the real tattoo, shocks it is so painful and I am a scaredy cat when it comes to needles pricking my body.

Hopefully, the weather will be fine and no showering of rains or whatsoever that will spoil the enthusiastic & lively mood of the environment. These past few days, Cebu’s climate is not that good as there had been scattered rain showers in every nook of the metropolis. Geez, hopefully rain, rain will go away and will just come back after the Sinulog Festival. LOL


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