Young Love…Sweet Love?

“And they called it puppy love…Oh she guess they’ll never know
How a young heart really feels …..And why she likes him so
And they called it puppy love….Just because she’s young
Tell them all it isn’t fair…To take away her only dream”
*excerpts from the song puppy love by Paul Anka. I changed some parts of the lyrics to fit for my content ;).

As I listen to this song, it lets me remember of my cute, young and dear cousin. I never and did not expect that she is going to say something that blows my mind away because for Pete’s sake she is still 5 years old. That’s why when she told me like that I was inspired to write this entry. For you to know of what am I talking about..The story goes like this:

We (my brother and my cute cousin, yeah I know that I already told you that she is cute because she certainly is!)were walking along the street because I will return her to her house. Heading home, she told me that we should hurry up and walk fast. I told her that there is nothing to hurry since we got all the time in the world. But she kept on insisting that we should and must hurry up. That is why I asked her, “why on Earth that we should walk fast? “ And to our great and absolutely shocking surprise she told us that “her crush” (I don’t wanna mention the guy’s name) might be in there house already. We were like someone hit by a bomb when she gave her answer. I never thought as in it never sink in my mind that she’s going to give me that response. I asked her why on Earth you like that person. Guess what her answer is….
a. handsome
b. gorgeous eyes
c. soft and smooth skin

If you answer any of the following choices,ennnnggggkkkkkk….you are dead wrong. She told me that she likes the man, who is 6 times older than her age, because of his porky body (hahaha..pardon for my word) but for her it is a masculine one . That is why, whenever the guy is around she never fails to catch his attention. And when she realized of what she is talking about, believe me or not but still believe me she is now shy to approach the guy unlike those past few days. So, it makes me wonder that my cousin has really had a “thing” for this guy. LOL *silly me

Anyway, I think it is quite normal to have a crush with someone but imagine at such a tender age, she already knows how it feels like whenever your eye candy approaches you. I was just stun with the happenings because it never really occurred in my mind that you know having that emotions of liking someone in a young age. *tee hee

But anyways, as my cousin will grow older and much prettier than me? Yeah right, she might just laugh on how she experienced puppy love in her tender age. I will surely relate it to her. These are one of the things in life that we cannot avoid. Love whether infatuation, puppy or true, never choose an age to strike in your heart. It will just hit you unexpectedly like a lightning.


2 thoughts on “Young Love…Sweet Love?

  1. wow… that is surprising that a person at such a young age would think like that. I almost quite depressing and I would be concerned as to what company the little girl has been in.

    • Yeah, it is really surprising to know that this kind of thing exists. Just do not be depress about it because I think it was just an infatuation or just an admiration. You know how sometimes media influences one’s childlike mind. 😉 We always guide her anyway, so no worries.

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