I was wrong then…

Sitting all alone
waiting for you to drop a line
but to my dismay you never dare
to say hi or hello, if am feelin’ fine

Guess, am expecting too much
Always told myself that we are just mere friends
But what can I do this stupid heart of mine won’t listen
Guess, this foolish heart  finally give in

My heart is screaming for you alone
wishing that you could hear even a faint sound
but none, you do not care even a bit
little by little it is suffering from pain
a pain that only me could hear

Wish my heart goes numb
that it cannot feel any pain
from the hurt you are givin’
wish i did not know you
to save myself from troubles
and avoid clinging from false hopes

Now, I am awaken from a deep sleep
Realizing where I stand in the first place
That everything you showed are nothing
I was just the one over thinking and assuming
By now, this I promise to myself that I will move on
Move on from where you have left me and leave my heart broken.


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