Angel in Disguise

Truly it angel in disguise.  Looks are very deceiving, I completely agree  whoever invented this line.  I did not know that we will be fooled of how she greatly looks.   I mean she is so demure and someone that you can really trust.  But we were darn wrong, she is the total opposite of what she should be.   I have  this boy cousin, though we are not that close, but still we made contacts occasionally.  He met this girl when he was still working somewhere else.   I do not know what place and what kind of work he had.  We thought that his ex-gf   is a perfect example of a wife to be.  Someone who is worth of your affection, time and care.  Until one heartbreaking event happened.  I will not just discuss the whole tear breaking, dramatic, romantic, cheesy, at the same corny episode.  But the summary of the story is the ending of their happy days as a couple.  If you say that the cause of their break up is a third party, you are completely and absolutely right.  At first we could not believe that my cousin’s ex will be easily tempt by another guy.  My cousin is so blind about the situation since the girl told her that she’s going to find a job.  But the whole thing is she already “slept” with the guy without my cousin’s knowledge.  Poor cousin.  And the worst part of it the girl told him to leave her alone first and in time she will differentiate her feelings for my cousin and her new guy. Even though she have chosen the new guy over my cousin.

When I heard about this crazy thought, I sympathized my cousin and kinda furious with the girl.  What does she think of my cousin- a toy? After  she feels bored with it, throw it away and when she feels of taking it back, she can have it in a jiffy?  Think again girl, if ever you will read this.

I just cannot help myself but write this stuff because this is some kinda an outlet of releasing my fuming emotions to her.  And instead of settling the relationship either for break up or reconciliation.  She ran away…

I think if you feel tired, bored, or merely fallen out of love in a relationship better settle and talk things out whatever the cause may be.  I know it is easier said than done, but how can you have a peace of mind if things did not end in a right way?  If you just want to keep quiet or hide in your room and burst into tears as a means of avoiding the dilemma, then it is a NO- NO.   I just hate people who do not have the balls to say the truth because no matter what you do, it will still give the same pain and hurt to that person.

Face the consequences or the outcomes of your actions no matter how bitter, shattering and painful it is.

That is life and reality… Live with it!


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