After 3 Years

After 3 years of missing and longing for the beloved presence and moments with the special man in my heart, I still weep whenever I remember him.  Time may heal the wound that he deeply left in our hearts but every time I reminisce the days he is with us, seems like the scar is fresh again.  I regret the days that I was not able to spend most of my time with him and express how I sincerely treasure him as a part of my life especially.  If only I could turn back the hands of time I will surely make up my short comings.  However, we cannot undo on what had happened with our past life.  It will give us lessons and learnings to every situation that we had wrongfully done so that in the future we won’t repeat the same history.

Anyway, after 3 years without him in our life it makes me to be much stronger to survive the odds in life and strive hard to achieve the dream that we both shared.  He has been my inspiration to fight every battle in my way and climb at the highest peak of success to pursue of what I aim.   One thing, that I cannot forget about him– is how generous and kind he is.   I missed the days where we exchanged heated opinions and debates about intellectual topics because it helped me a lot to wheat my brain.  Through our discussions, I learned a lot and made me to be more wiser in every decision I will make.

Today after 3 years of being gone in our life and in this planet Earth, we commemorate the loss of the special and best man in our life, my father.  Wherever you are Pa, always remember that you are never forgotten.  As long as we live, you always stay in our heart and mind.  You will always be loved forever.  I always miss your smart insights, charming smile,  lazy eyes, being stubborn, strict but loving way of discipline and ever supporting father especially when it comes to money :D.

I love and miss you so much Pa! 😦


4 thoughts on “After 3 Years

    • I know that death is just another chapter in every person’s life but there are things that I remorse I did not do to my father and that’s what made me sad.

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