Hearts’ Day Tips

I’ve shared these tips with my other blog site, now to spread love tips am going to repost it again to you guys– if you want to have ideas on how to celebrate the most anticipated happening throughout the world.

The clock is rapidly ticking and few days are left before Valentines Day on February 14 kicks off.   And I am also in a hurry to share my thoughts and tips to have a splendid hearts day.

People who are suckers for romance are very busy preparing to make their date this coming Valentines Day more than memorable! Here are some sure fire tips to make an unforgettable and awesome Valentines.

1.  Surprise your hubby or sweetheart with something special, unique and sweet personalized cards.  In this way, he/ she can really appreciate that you are putting an effort to express how you dearly love him/her.

2.  If the typical dinner dates bore for both of you, then why not take your sweetheart in a romantic and serene ambiance like the beach.   Strolling in a pale moonlight with cool breeze can really add spice to your day.

3.  Are you a good chef/ cook?  Then, unleash your power in cooking.  Cuisines that are personally prepared by you will surely melt your love one’s heart and will adore you more!

4.  If money is not an issue for you, then a perfect romantic getaway in the coolest place in town would be great! Truly a one of a kind experience.

5.  On a tight budget? Be resourceful and creative.  For example, a special dinner date at the back of your house with lighted candles around or munching together with your favorite snack foods whilst doing a movie marathon.

6.  Let him or her feel that s/he is extraordinary special on your date.  It will be a complete wreck and mess if you only do it as you feel of  being obligated since it is Valentines Day.

7. Actions aren’t enough if you do not shower them with sweet words. Expressing your cheesy and mushy sugary words will surely melt his/her heart. It can bring tons of tickles and cloud nine feelings!

Have a terrific Hearts Day!


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