Valentine’s Interesting Tidbits

With love is already in the air, couples busy preparing for a surprise Valentine’s treat and singles minding their own ways on how to survive the season of love without a date, let me share to you some   interesting trivia related to Valentines Day.


*According to ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) the popular  love song/s being played during Valentines day are the following:


  • I Swear- Gary Baker and Frank Myers
  • How Do I Live- written by Dianne Warren but originally released by LeAnn  Rimes
  • Because You Loved Me- Dianne Warren
  • Baby, Baby- Amy Grant
  • Un-break My Heart-  writer Dianne Warren and popularized by Toni Braxton


  • Up Where We Belong- written by Jack Nitzche, Buffy Ste. Marie with lyrics from Will Jennings (performed by Joe Crocker and Jennifer Warnes)
  • Lady- Lionel Richie
  • Endless Love- Lionel Richie
  • I Just Called to Say I Love You- Stevie Wonder
  • Hard to say I am Sorry- written by Peter Cetera and performed by Chicago


Huffington Post presented its collection of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2010 that you have never heard of

  • Pac-Man Candies
  • HTTP Panties (for your girl with statements such as 403 Forbidden and 413 Requested Entity Too Large)
  • Robot Pillow Cases
  • ASCII Heart Necklace
  • 8-bit Nectie
  • Holographic Candle Lit Dinner


  • Chinese people do not celebrate their Valentine’s Day on February 14, instead they celebrate it during the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • Valentine comes from the Latin word “valor” which means worthy.
  • Roughly one billion cards during Valentine’s Day are exchanged every year.  This event is second to Christmas in terms of the number of cards sent.
  • In South Korea, during Valentine’s Day only women will give chocolate to men since men will have their turn on March 14 (White Day).  Koreans who did not receive anything either on Feb. 14 or March 14, will have its own celebration on April 14 or Black Day to signify their mourning of  having a single life by going to a Chinese restaurant and eat jajangmyeon (black noodles).
  • Cupid, the most mischievous winged child and famous symbol during Valentine’s Day was the son of Venus, Roman goddess of love and beauty.

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