Finally! I’ve met Angel Locsin

One of my most favorite actresses in Philippine television is Angel Locsin.   I began to like her when she played the role of Lyka, a she-wolf in the  show Lobo (Wolf) together with the country’s gorgeous actor, Piolo Pascual. I was impressed with her development in the acting department. But what makes me more admired about her is having a heart of gold and remaining humble despite the achievements she have.  With all of these endearing qualities she have, I dream someday that I should meet her. Then came Sinulog 2005 perhaps, my sister texted me that Angel Locsin was in the JAG float, so I was so excited to see her but to my disappointment the float did not pass in where I waited for her. Days, weeks, months and years had passed, I do not have the chance to see her for real!

Angel Locsin

February 13, 2010 around 11:00 on rainy evening, my brother hurriedly told me that Angel Locsin is in our place! Gosh, I was so thrilled! Days before that I already read in her twitter page that she will be attending the wake of her uncle but I am not really certain that she will do that since she is a very busy actress.  To my great surprise, she really did! So, I hastily grab the knob of the door and left the house leaving the door open and appliances turning on! hahahaha I know am stupid but hey you cannot blame me since I’ve waited long enough to meet my idol.  As I entered the place, wherein the wake was held, I immediately sat three seats away from her. I patiently waited to see her angelic face since she is very occupied talking to her relatives. Without much further ado, she gracefully turn her face towards us and voila! I saw the very beautiful Angel Locsin in a simple outfit and no make ups on! Wow, was the first word that I uttered when I got a glimpse of her. She is indeed much more beautiful and sexier in person compared to what I’ve seen in the television.   One more thing, she is not finicky because there was this girl who sat behind her, suddenly mumble “Hi Angel!” and to the girl’s surprise Angel turned  her direction towards the girl and smiled!

To make the story short, before she leave I got the opportunity to hug her. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to take a picture with her because as I left the house I forgot to bring the camera! Stupid me! LOL But anyway, it was a great experience to see and hug a celebrity that you admire and never thought of getting close physically in person.


5 thoughts on “Finally! I’ve met Angel Locsin

  1. hi!

    i am happy for you you’ve finally met Angel Locsin ..hope you wouldn’t mind me tweeting your site and re-posting a part of your blog in our forum, with proper credit of course 🙂

    thanks for loving Angel 🙂


    • It is fine with me Nicky if you tweet and repost a part of my blog, it is my pleasure. Angel is easy to love because she is really a genuine person no pretensions just for the sake of being an artist. 😀

      Lemme know where can I find your post 😉 it would be cool on my part if I can see it..thanks

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