Snob…Am I?

Yesterday whilst I was waiting for a bus heading to my working place, there was this total stranger who asked me a question if where I was going.  Out of courtesy, I answered him then walked my way to the unloading area for buses. To keep myself entertained while waiting for a ride,  I listened songs in my mp3 player. Then this guy stranger followed me again instead of feeling panic I just ignore him.  I have the strongest feeling that he won’t do anything to me since it is broad daylight and there are lot of passersby in that place and I am sure that someone will help me when worst comes to worst.

He asked me again that where I am going, I was like surprised and my brows began to curve. Instead of answering him I ignored him and pretended that I did not hear what he was asking. Why on Earth will he keep on bugging me when in the first place we did not know each other and I already told him aloud a while ago where am I going.   Before any unusual scenario will happen I immediately hit a ride in the mini bus and as I stepped in he suddenly uttered “know what you are beautiful but you are such a snob”. To avoid throwing bad conversation with him,  I just did not pay attention.

So you think…Am I snob?

I was thinking if I was really such a snob in not answering his questions? Oh well, I am not bothered if what he was thinking about me because to hell I care about his thoughts.  The issue that is itching my mind is that are most guys really like that when they ask something or approach a girl and then if the girl did not respond they would say “you are such a snob”. Heck, I do not know what to believe in.  If you respond they will think that “ahh, she is such an easy girl” and when not they would say “you are such a snob”.   Geez, which is which man!


2 thoughts on “Snob…Am I?

  1. sometimes some stupid people would provoke you to just tick you off and prolong the conversation with them. Ignorance is the best policy in such circumstances 🙂

  2. Well said Raaji, yeah that is why I tend to ignore these kind of people who are not attention worthy. Are they just plain stupid or just acting a fool? hehe Oh, well whatever it is, this annoys me in some ways.

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