It Ain’t Easy To Wait

An hour and a half had passed when I stood in front of the department store on where we would supposedly meet for a very important meeting & discussion. Tick…tak….tik…tak….more seconds and minutes had gone by no one came and no words of confirmation that they will gonna be late or what. I feel like stupid waiting for people who are late comers! Geez, I intentionally went late to the meeting place but to my surprise, I am still the first one to arrive.

With great patience, I waited for them hoping that they will just be minutes late. But it wasn’t! Darn, I was pissed off and irritated at the same time because it is not that easy to wait for people whom you thought are professionals.

Imagine how long I’ve waited for them! I already known the types of vehicles busy rushing the streets and mosquitoes biting me now and then. To my disgust and disappointment, I informed them that I will head home because it seems like they won’t be coming. Then, after a jiffy one of them suddenly called and told me that I need to walk my way to the rendezvous. Argh, I wanted to scream at their faces that it is not easy to wait for more than an hour and looking like stupid standing in observing eyes of some dirty minded individuals.

To add insult to the injury, they did not even bother to say “sorry we were late because of this and that” *sigh, good thing I remain cool headed and did not whine. However, I insinuated about how upset am I hoping that realizations and guilt will hit them.

Lesson learned: Do not be punctual when you are meeting with mega and super late comers  to give them a dose of their own medicine.


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