And he said I Love You

Just want to keep this short because I might scribble tons of mushy andcheesy lines that happened on my life on March 6, 2010.

Here it goes (an excerpt from that unforgettable day):
As he uttered those three magical words, superlatives aren’t enough to express how grateful and happy am I. It felt like I was in 7th heaven and suddenly I heard music of love coming from nowhere. It was a great feeling that I would never trade from anything else. Never I imagine that the feeling is mutual and the possibility of being with him for the rest of my life would ever happen.

Both of us are afraid to lose each other if ever there will be misunderstandings or anything that may resort ourselves to hate one another. However, we agreed that we will make it work out. Enjoy what life has in store for us with our new found relationship and promised each other that we will never change no matter what.

That’s why I am praying that this blooming relationship we have would still continue until God knows when. Praying that it will work out for the better and may we face all the odds in our relationship especially thousand miles take us apart.

To you my handsome nurse: I love you too!


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