Darn Red Spots!

Don’t you hate it when you have a plan to hit the beach to enjoy the white sandy beaches and enticing cool waters but it will be spoiled when your body will be covered with darn red spots?! Argh, that what happens to me as of this moment.  My whole freakin’ body is covered with red spots due to the allergy of self medicating.

I regret the day that I’ve took a medicine without the  doctor’s prescription to heal the inflammation of my gum and aching tooth.  I did not darn know that I will be allergic to antibiotic.  Good thing, that the whole big red patches has slowly disappearing after taking some meds and thus, leaving only tiny red spots but it is so terrible to look  at.  I wanna cry to death since few days from now we are going to hit the beach and I cannot enjoy summer time! 😦

Hopefully, in the next several days these red spots will be gone so that I can laze around the creamy, powdery sand of Moalboal- one of the famous beach resorts in our city and frolic in its turquoise sea water.


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