Sizzling Summer Trip

After two months of planning where to go, the wait was finally over as I and my friends hit the crystal clear and sandy beaches of the sleepy province of Moalboal.   Moalboal is known as the Land of the Golden Sun situated 89 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Among its famous tourist attractions are its stunning beaches and Pescador Island, a well-known diving spot  throughout the nation.

Though I had the stupid red spots all over my body,  it did not stop me to enjoy the gleaming waters of the sea and frolic under the scorching heat of the sun! We stayed at HK, Resort in Basdaku, which is far off from the main road.

And my very own version of a sunset silhouette pose:
It was a fun filled escapade that I dearly treasure because it made me relax and get away from the pressures of modern living.  Moalboal is a perfect destination to escape and enjoy the summer heat.  This is the place that I want to visit for NTH times!


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