Here’s my two cents: May 10, 2010 Philippine Election

As of this writing, there are 5 days left before the May 10, 2010 National Election, another history will be made in our beloved country, Philippines.  Let us make this history remarkable and meaningful.  Do not vote for a certain candidate just because your bets have the slimmest chances in winning.  Vote who you think is rightful and deserving to sit in the highest position in Philippine office.  Your one vote can make a big difference.  Do not be swayed by a candidate whose parents have brought a great legacy  in our nation, a candidate who’s famous with this so called “sino ang tunay na mahirap [who’s the real underprivileged]” commercial ad and a candidate who had been jailed because of corruption and plunder issues.  Be swayed by a candidate who has the complete if not perfect attributes to lead for a progressive Philippines.
Determining the best candidate to rule our nation is not just about having a good heart because being in the highest position in the country is a no easy task.  It requires more than a kind hearted attitude, a president must have the intelligence, visions for good governance, a man of principle and the passion & determination of helping the nation to aim and thrive for progress not just through words and promises but putting it in actions, which will help the people and the country itself to move forward.
After how many decades of electing people for the presidency position, Filipinos should be awake right now and should and must not be influenced on who’s famous or not based on crap surveys, with what they have seen on TV, heard on radios, receiving money from bribe politicians, read on papers and biggest artists supporting and convincing people to vote for him or her.  Hope with this coming election on May 10, Filipinos should  be much wiser and intelligent enough to vote  for the one who will bring the REAL CHANGE that we have been hungry over the past years.
Sometimes, I ask, do some people know the exact meaning of the the two words “VOTE WISELY”? Perhaps not, because if they do, guess we won’t be whining, complaining and blaming that the elected president did not do more to help our lives to improve for the better.  Now, if we want to live comfortably just like the rest of First world countries experienced, why not start the change within us? It is in ourself that the great and real change starts to happen.   I  remembered what the great John F. Kennedy said “Ask not what your country do to you but ask what you can do to your country”.  Hence, we are the right person to do the perfect change that we have been wanting for the longest years and make it turn into reality for a better nation and for the future generation.  May we instill these in our minds and put into application that we must VOTE WISELY.
Hence, I THINK THEREFORE I AM FOR GILBERT “GIBO” TEODORO =b [biased I may be but he is the only candidate that I have high hopes that will bring the Philippines and its people for prosperity and development to be a part of that so called First World Countries, dreaming much? Yeah I am, but dreaming is for FREE and I dream for good.]

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