More patience please?

Months had passed and this is what I realized, Handsome Nurse is a type of person who has little patience and suddenly outburst his temper.  He is not the type of person who will add more effort when wooing someone if things will not go well.   As what I observed, whenever I expressed my feeling towards him about how disappointed and I am sulking on the way he treated me, at first he tries to comfort you but when you prolong the drama because you want him to be sweeter as he woo you, he will be annoyed and irritated and will start his own drama.

Is it too much for a girl to act more of a drama queen when she just wants to be pampered and just want to feel more fondness coming from her partner? Is it too much for a girl who loves his man so much and just want to be feel loved all the time? I am not a clingy kind of girl whenever he has shortcomings.  For all those times we’ve been together I never demanded that can choke him up.  So, is it too much to ask for that?

Whenever we reached on this point, he will start to reverse the whole scenario which sparks my conscience and regret the words that roll out of my stupid mind and mouth.  It makes me wish that I should have not say this and that.  It bothers me much when he shows irateness towards me.  It makes me feel uncomfortable and will disturb me much not until we can talk and clear things out.  Hope, I can have much more patience to understand him because I want our relationship to work out.   I am crossing fingers that he is on the same page with me in regards with our relationship (you know, both of us working on this relationship).

Oh love, why does it have to be complicated? *sigh


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