You Change

So you ignored me huh? Seems like you changed big time Handsome Nurse, it is not you to ignore me and not answering me properly.  It is not so you to disregard how I feel.  You are a different person now.   I miss the good old days- the days that you really let me feel love and care.

My heart aches when I reminisced those days that I can really tell that you love me.  But now, I just don’t know you at all! You began to hide from me even if you give me reasons that it is the other people you don’t want to talk nor bother you.  I just cannot distinguished if it is me and my paranoia are the problems or it is REALLY YOU that totally changed.

Whatever it is, change already existed within you and in our relationship.  Will I survive this dilemma? Hope I can because I want to save the special bond, the love and the memories we shared from laughter, problems, pain to tears.

Handsome Nurse, want to let you know that I am hurt with your actions towards me.   Oh God! please lighten this burden inside my heart so that I move forward and can come up with a decision if should I let go or stay and hold on until he opens up.  *sigh

Quote to ponder: “Nothing is constant in this world except change”.


One thought on “You Change

  1. ah yes. I am all too familiar with this scenario. Some people can turn off a switch and behave as if nothing happened. and you don’t even know how to feel at that time – betrayed? lonely? lovesick?

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