Hate Letter for You

Dear Handsome Nurse,

Here we go again,  same issues and same sh*t that made you pissed off and moody.  I do not know what you are thinking! You are such a selfish brute! Aish, if only I do not love you I won’t care if you go to hell and be mad at me to the highest level!  It is always my fault, my mistake and all.  Why does it has always to be me? When you did something wrong and asked for apology I easily forgive you because I do understand your situation.  But when it comes to me who does something wrong even it is just an honest mistake, you easily get annoyed and pissed off? *sobs

Do I deserve all this treatment as I love you? You make my heart ache and gloom my days.  If you only knew how bothered am I every time I cannot do what you have favored me to do.  It is so heartbreaking on my part.  When you told me to take care in a sarcastic way, does it mean goodbye to everything? Does it mean we need to end this relationship? :((

For crying out loud,  please let me feel your presence so that I can tell this heavy feelings that I have straight to your face!


Aching heart and troubled soul


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