In You

In you I found the reason to believe in happy endings

Distance took us apart but just being with you is all that matters

In you I feel cherished and loved like no other man could

You are the only one what I ever wanted because you give all the reasons why

In you there is nothing I could ask for more

Deep down inside of me is hoping for the best of us

Trials and quarrels come our way but look at us making our way to make the relationship works

Ain’t no storm is difficult to handle because in you I found strength to fight

In you I found love that I never thought of  having one for I was scared to fall again

But you made me wrong for you are there to catch me when I found myself being in love with you

So in love that I could not imagine how is life without you

I would like us to keep each other forever in our heart and life

As a vow that may our love continue to grow until comes the day we become one

I thank you for all the wonderful moments you gave and continue to give me

In you I am deeply grateful and forever will be because you show me a different meaning of love

A love that has a big heart to accept all imperfections perfectly and aspires to be the best that we could be

As another day unfolds in our life, I want you to know that in you I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.


Where is this heading?

Countless times, doubts always linger in my mind about how you really feel  for me.  One thing I know I am so much loved by you but on the other hand it seems like I feel so ignored.    I just don’t know what to believe.   I keep on telling myself that I should enjoy and seize the moment being with you but I cannot help but to think negatively.  I want to ask tons of questions all about you but my tongue always get tied when I opened up the topic and I  tend to think that you will just tell me a lie, so there’s no sense in asking.  Argh, I do not know anymore!

Guess,  I am just so paranoid and do not have full trust on you.   It is so hard when you keep feelings for yourself because no one seems to listen.   Don’t get me wrong I have numerous friends and close friends who are willing to listen but they have a life and drama of their own.  I do not want to add more baggage in their heart.  *sigh

This is difficult when most of the times you are the one who is always giving advice and answers  on other’s problems but in your own you cannot advised yourself.  I do not know where would this relationship go and I am not certain of what I am feeling and what I want.   I am on the state of confusion and going in a hard battle of love.    You keep secrets and I am an open book.   I blab so much about my life and you just shut your mouth most of the times when it comes to yours.    You always say sorry and let me know how much you love me when things do not go right.  Do I have to count it as a good thing or a bad thing? :-<

May God guide me with this journey that I am heading.  May this will work out for the best for the good of us.  I am so darn confuse.   My head is breakinggggggggggg!!!