In You

In you I found the reason to believe in happy endings

Distance took us apart but just being with you is all that matters

In you I feel cherished and loved like no other man could

You are the only one what I ever wanted because you give all the reasons why

In you there is nothing I could ask for more

Deep down inside of me is hoping for the best of us

Trials and quarrels come our way but look at us making our way to make the relationship works

Ain’t no storm is difficult to handle because in you I found strength to fight

In you I found love that I never thought of  having one for I was scared to fall again

But you made me wrong for you are there to catch me when I found myself being in love with you

So in love that I could not imagine how is life without you

I would like us to keep each other forever in our heart and life

As a vow that may our love continue to grow until comes the day we become one

I thank you for all the wonderful moments you gave and continue to give me

In you I am deeply grateful and forever will be because you show me a different meaning of love

A love that has a big heart to accept all imperfections perfectly and aspires to be the best that we could be

As another day unfolds in our life, I want you to know that in you I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.


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