Zipping the Line

Lately, I am engaging in kinda-extreme-outdoor-activities and I am so loving it.  When I was years younger I always dream of engaging into sports that will give me a good adrenalin rush and gonna make me sweat like hell.  I don’t know why but it excites me when I think about it.  The experience and the joy it brings after satisfying your crave for heart thumping moment is priceless.  Last Saturday we hit off for a zip lining activity on the top of mountains situated on Brgy. Busay, Cebu City.

Though the expanse of the place is not what I anticipated ( I was dreaming of a 500 or more meters of traveling via zip-line with a depth of over a hundred above  the ground) I still give it a go for the sake of experiencing zip lining.  Here’s a photo shot of us hanging in the cable.

The experience was good though since it gave me a little heart-beating-moments as I hung on the rope with dowdy helmet on my head.  LOL But then again, no sign of I-am-so-scared-to-try  and can-I-back-out drama in me because I thought when I fall I am pretty sure that I will be much pretty alive and it will just give me a broken limbs unlike on the Edge Coaster Ride that I tried weeks ago, you will surely be broken into pieces when you fall from the 40th floor! hahaha

Anyway, it was a cool physical activity that I want to do again BUT on an EXTREME LEVEL 😀

A shot in the place with breathtaking surrounding and quaint foliage, which is perfect for photo-ops and sightseeing as you wait for your turn for zip-lining.  Oh, by the way, the place also offers a sort of  you-will-walk-on-the-thin-rope-with-yourself-hanging-on-a-harness! LOL I forgot what it is called but it is like that.  We just do not try though because we do not have enough time to stay in the place.


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