Goodbye to You and Me?!




In Pain



Are the best words that currently describes of what my heart is suffering and feeling.  I do not know when will it end and when I can move on from this tragic happening of this friggin’ love condition of my life.  Tragic because I did not see it coming though I expected that one day it will happen but not this very sudden moment where I completely put my trust and love in him.  It is so sad that we will end up this way just because of the words I said just to express my disappointment.  I do not know if  Handsome Nurse felt within him that I am hurt and dismayed when he disregarded my favor.  How insensitive he is if  he does! I guess with this suffering and him-letting-me-feel-like-someone-who-is-not-important feeling should be a good and enough reason that I will give up with our relationship.  Or I am just the only one holding and putting so much faith that this relationship will work out?

There might be no official announcement coming from him and  this big leap I am going to make in our relationship would hurt me big time and will let me suffer a piercing pain but then again I should make a decision.  A very difficult judgment that will make more than a 360-degree turn in my life.  I am saying a painful good bye to my Handsome Nurse.  I thank you, handsome nurse, for the all the wonderful moments and magical feeling that you gave me.  May you will find true happiness one day and end up with someone who you love and  will love you endlessly.  You have loved me or not nonetheless I wish you the very best in life.





All goodbyes versions that I may know of, Paalam Handsome Nurse 😦 ;(

P.S. I can make a consideration if we can talk and work things out again..LOL no this is FINAL 🙂


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