It is only just a dream

Under the lonely sky and lustrous  stars

I imagined the two of us

Distant afar yet drawn by each others love

Cherishing one another’s presence when dusk falls

As the cock crows and day breaks, it is time to say goodbye

A temporary parting that gives a solitary feeling

Lingering you and your love  in my mind and heart subsides the missing-you-moments

Another day to hold and feel the warmth of your love begins

Spanking new day to put into words once more the love we have

Beneath the enigmatic moon and shivery atmosphere around

I dream the two of us

Holding hands firmly

Pressing each body’s closer

Feeling one another’s breathing

Treasuring the love we are sharing

Kaboom!! bubble thoughts burst


You are so near yet so thousand miles  far

Underneath the pale moonlight where chilly breeze blows

I stare the tranquil wide scope of the ocean

Then heads up high in search for meteor showers to make dreams come true

To wish of  you and me

Fancying as one in soul and heart

But those fantasies will remain as a daydream as we are walled with great distance

*sigh 😦


Celebrating its 1st!

Alright, I am so delayed with this post because sluggish syndrome hit me these past few weeks.   My home about my frustrated writings in the world of blogosphere is turning ONE! Yep, it has been a year since I started blogging, oh well let me rephrase that– it has been a year since I transferred to a new home.  I’ve been to different blog hosts and found comfort in WordPress.  Oh well, over the past year there has nothing spectacular happened in my life or I just did not blog about it since I get tired of writing and always get lazy to update this blog.

Anyway, in this first year existence of my blog I appreciate it a lot since it serves as another outlet to release or rant whatever emotions I felt and feeling.  So to me, cheers!

H A P P Y     F I R S T       Y E A R     A N N I V E R S A R Y!

A Player of Great Promise

You gave me a promise that is so good to be true

A promise that anyone would cherish and treasure

Never in my dreams that the promise is bound to be broken

Shattered into thousand pieces leaving a forlorn heart crying in pain

You gave me a promise that makes my longing heart to be strong

However, with your promise it causes my heart  to be pale and weak

So ill that no words of motivation and inspiration can heal

You gave me a promise that I wish to turn into reality

But its existence will always be a wish that will never turn into something real

Only in my dreams that those wishes of your promises will come true

You gave me a promise that is full of love and hope

Then again it turns out to be figments of the imagination

Fragments of illusion that you created in the fantasy world where I am deeply daydreaming

Oh yes! bubbling thoughts that fancy will be realized someday

But harsh truth of reality sinks in

Letting me face that the promise you gave is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

So wonderful to be true but so impossible to make it real

To Break or Not to Break?

What does it mean if you asked someone if are you still going to pursue the relationship or not, and then that someone did not correspond to your question but instead responded to your last statement, which you asked for an apology if you have caused pain that you are not aware of and then that someone is also asking for sorry?

Is it hard or mind boggling to answer a break up question?  If it is really difficult,  does it mean that someone:

1. has still feelings for you?

2. wants you to make the decision so that he/she will feel less guilty of the decision he/she will make?

3.  will have options/spare parts in case his/her flirting with other people won’t work?

4. no balls to answer?for what?

5. other answers _____________?

I am into this situation right now and I do not know how to handle it.  I know the moment I began to communicate with my I-do-not-know-if-he-is-still-my-boyfriend-or-ex, I will give in with my feelings since it has been still weeks since I started this healing process.   I need HELP!