To Break or Not to Break?

What does it mean if you asked someone if are you still going to pursue the relationship or not, and then that someone did not correspond to your question but instead responded to your last statement, which you asked for an apology if you have caused pain that you are not aware of and then that someone is also asking for sorry?

Is it hard or mind boggling to answer a break up question?  If it is really difficult,  does it mean that someone:

1. has still feelings for you?

2. wants you to make the decision so that he/she will feel less guilty of the decision he/she will make?

3.  will have options/spare parts in case his/her flirting with other people won’t work?

4. no balls to answer?for what?

5. other answers _____________?

I am into this situation right now and I do not know how to handle it.  I know the moment I began to communicate with my I-do-not-know-if-he-is-still-my-boyfriend-or-ex, I will give in with my feelings since it has been still weeks since I started this healing process.   I need HELP!


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