It is only just a dream

Under the lonely sky and lustrous  stars

I imagined the two of us

Distant afar yet drawn by each others love

Cherishing one another’s presence when dusk falls

As the cock crows and day breaks, it is time to say goodbye

A temporary parting that gives a solitary feeling

Lingering you and your love  in my mind and heart subsides the missing-you-moments

Another day to hold and feel the warmth of your love begins

Spanking new day to put into words once more the love we have

Beneath the enigmatic moon and shivery atmosphere around

I dream the two of us

Holding hands firmly

Pressing each body’s closer

Feeling one another’s breathing

Treasuring the love we are sharing

Kaboom!! bubble thoughts burst


You are so near yet so thousand miles  far

Underneath the pale moonlight where chilly breeze blows

I stare the tranquil wide scope of the ocean

Then heads up high in search for meteor showers to make dreams come true

To wish of  you and me

Fancying as one in soul and heart

But those fantasies will remain as a daydream as we are walled with great distance

*sigh 😦


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