I do not know!

It has been days since we did not talk with my Handsome Nurse because of the sudden change with his work schedule.  The last time we communicated was when he told me that his working hours were on different shift.  I was expecting that we can get in touch with each other again yesterday because as far as I know it is his day off but I was just disappointed.  Sometimes, I wonder if can I still survive this long distance relationship?  Next month would be our 10th month and it is getting harder and much more difficult to me because I do not know what he has been doing in there while I am thousand miles away.  He told me that I should trust him and stick to our commitment that we will really work this out.

Right now, I am having my doubts and fear that maybe he is hanging out or socializing with other hot girls in there! Geez, I know I should not think this way and be paranoid about it but I cannot help it since he is not able to at least drop a message to let me know that he is doing fine and just busy with his work.  I will fully understand and would not be reluctant with his intentions if he replied my email but too bad not even a single line or two were sent. 😦

I am missing him so bad that it aches my longing heart.  Hopefully, he will show up tonight or else I do not know what to think 😦 *sigh


Late Random Post

Dang, it is like ages ago since the last time I updated this blog 😦 These past few weeks I am not in the mood to write and yeah I am absolutely-super-duper-lazy.  I do not know why am feeling this way.  Procrastination hits me a lot.  A lot of  events have been happening in my life lately and I am itching to blog about it but duh, I always have this I-will-work-later-on-this-since-I-have-all-the-time-in-the-world.  Oh! how long is that eh? LOL


Anyway, while I was riding a bus on my way to work , I happened to sit beside this early 20’s man who is busy pressing those keys in his Samsung cellphone.  How did I know the brand? Oh, I just happened to be a keen observer :P.  As he keeps his finger running those keypads and press here and there while I am staring directly on the outside view, he suddenly touch my shoulder with his finger and said ” Miss, do you know anything about a camera for my phone?” though not the verbatim but it goes like that and I was shocked.  I was horrified because I thought he is a hold-upper (LOL) yeah crazy thinking it may be but heck with all those crimes happening every freakin’ day, who would not fret out right?  And before he will asked for a follow up question I transferred to the other vacant seat immediately without answering him! ahaha I know what I did was a bad thing but I was just being cautious than feel sorry later.  I was just scared and when I looked back at the man, he just raise his brows. LOL I think he thought that I had mistaken him as a thief or what and boy he is absolutely right on that! haha


This month, I and Handsome Nurse celebrated our 9th month of having a long distance relationship.  After all those months of trials, misunderstandings, miscommunication, love, happiness and all the feelings in the world, we managed to survive.  As what we have hoped and prayed, may our relationship works out until the day we will meet soon and hopefully tie the knot 😉


I remorse that I chose Skyline over Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Holy cow, I am such a LOSER! I know..haha I just did not imagine or anticipate  that Skyline absolutely sucks! I was not even amazed by its special effects and worse on how the story develops! Duhr, when  I think how I wasted my time as I watched Skyline, it annoys me..haha Good thing, it was for free! One thing that I learned after I watched Skyline– never ever trust with a promising movie trailer !  Always checked/read for raves or rants before watching. 😉


Oh, I just added another wonderful year of my life just weeks ago.  I give praise to Him for all the good things as well as the bad, because it shapes me up to be a better person.

— FIN–

And that’s how my random and super-duper-mega late post ended. LOL

Badly Missing You

miss you yesterday
miss you today
miss you tomorrow
I miss you everyday

I keep on missing you
There are no days that I do not want your presence
Your comfort and love makes me feel secure
Whenever you are not around I always look for you

miss you once
miss you twice
miss you thrice
I miss you more than you knew

Keep on thinking about you
Your hug and kiss will let this feeling subside
Your one night absence tears my longing heart
That’s how I miss you

All Saints and All Souls Day Observance

It has become customary for Filipinos to go to the cemetery every 1st of November to observe All Saints/All Souls Day.  People of all ages light candles and offer flowers to their love ones who were resting in peace.  During this day, prices of flowers and candles go thrice than their usual cost.  Oh well, what can I expect, it usually happens when there are celebrations and the demand of the products are relatively high.  This is where most sellers take advantage of the opportunity to earn more bucks.  Anyway, it is business and there is nothing I can do about it.  I do not know if this only happens in the Philippines or anywhere in the world.  One thing is for sure, All Saints/All Souls Day in the country is extraordinary that you will be amazed on how Filipinos celebrate it.

In the cemetery you get to observe the following:

1. MP3’s and other sound system are loudly played inside the vicinity, in which some people are like having a party in a disco hall.  Where on Earth would you see that huh? And instead of kneeling and offering prayers, they shake their booties and groove to the tune of latest disco music craze.

2. If luck permits and no policemen roving around the graveyard, some are quenching their thirst for alcohol and others are drinking to the fullest with other strong beverages.  I just don’t get it why they do this.  They are not there for a social gathering.  Cemetery is a place to visit the people who has been a part of your life in which you need to let them feel that in some ways they are still important eventhough they passed away.  Oh well, I know drinking is a way of killing the time as you enjoy chatting with other family members but heck not in cemetery please?

3. Playing gambling stuff.  It has been a tradition in the country that in order to keep the atmosphere more enthusiastic and alive, you should know the game– and that is play cards or mahjong.  Influences in gambling has been evident in the country way back it had been colonized by Chinese and Spaniards to name a few.  Hence, do not be culture shocked when you see Filipinos playing cards or other stuff atop the tomb or anywhere in the mausoleum.  It is in the blood already. 

These are just some of the practices that I think only exist in the Pearl of the Orient Seas- the Philippines.  It might be out of this world but hey you are seeing Filipino culture!  I do not know if you find it weird but as time goes by it has been already part of the culture and society accepted it.  What I just do not like with the ones I mentioned above is the heart thumping playing of music in the sacred place for souls who are in hell, purgatory or in heaven.  It is just so annoying and disrespectful for the dead people.  Just my two cents though 😉

Before I kick myself and head on to offer prayers for my beloved father (may God be with him always) am leaving a video that you would love to see. 😀