Late Random Post

Dang, it is like ages ago since the last time I updated this blog 😦 These past few weeks I am not in the mood to write and yeah I am absolutely-super-duper-lazy.  I do not know why am feeling this way.  Procrastination hits me a lot.  A lot of  events have been happening in my life lately and I am itching to blog about it but duh, I always have this I-will-work-later-on-this-since-I-have-all-the-time-in-the-world.  Oh! how long is that eh? LOL


Anyway, while I was riding a bus on my way to work , I happened to sit beside this early 20’s man who is busy pressing those keys in his Samsung cellphone.  How did I know the brand? Oh, I just happened to be a keen observer :P.  As he keeps his finger running those keypads and press here and there while I am staring directly on the outside view, he suddenly touch my shoulder with his finger and said ” Miss, do you know anything about a camera for my phone?” though not the verbatim but it goes like that and I was shocked.  I was horrified because I thought he is a hold-upper (LOL) yeah crazy thinking it may be but heck with all those crimes happening every freakin’ day, who would not fret out right?  And before he will asked for a follow up question I transferred to the other vacant seat immediately without answering him! ahaha I know what I did was a bad thing but I was just being cautious than feel sorry later.  I was just scared and when I looked back at the man, he just raise his brows. LOL I think he thought that I had mistaken him as a thief or what and boy he is absolutely right on that! haha


This month, I and Handsome Nurse celebrated our 9th month of having a long distance relationship.  After all those months of trials, misunderstandings, miscommunication, love, happiness and all the feelings in the world, we managed to survive.  As what we have hoped and prayed, may our relationship works out until the day we will meet soon and hopefully tie the knot 😉


I remorse that I chose Skyline over Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Holy cow, I am such a LOSER! I know..haha I just did not imagine or anticipate  that Skyline absolutely sucks! I was not even amazed by its special effects and worse on how the story develops! Duhr, when  I think how I wasted my time as I watched Skyline, it annoys me..haha Good thing, it was for free! One thing that I learned after I watched Skyline– never ever trust with a promising movie trailer !  Always checked/read for raves or rants before watching. 😉


Oh, I just added another wonderful year of my life just weeks ago.  I give praise to Him for all the good things as well as the bad, because it shapes me up to be a better person.

— FIN–

And that’s how my random and super-duper-mega late post ended. LOL


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