I do not know!

It has been days since we did not talk with my Handsome Nurse because of the sudden change with his work schedule.  The last time we communicated was when he told me that his working hours were on different shift.  I was expecting that we can get in touch with each other again yesterday because as far as I know it is his day off but I was just disappointed.  Sometimes, I wonder if can I still survive this long distance relationship?  Next month would be our 10th month and it is getting harder and much more difficult to me because I do not know what he has been doing in there while I am thousand miles away.  He told me that I should trust him and stick to our commitment that we will really work this out.

Right now, I am having my doubts and fear that maybe he is hanging out or socializing with other hot girls in there! Geez, I know I should not think this way and be paranoid about it but I cannot help it since he is not able to at least drop a message to let me know that he is doing fine and just busy with his work.  I will fully understand and would not be reluctant with his intentions if he replied my email but too bad not even a single line or two were sent. 😦

I am missing him so bad that it aches my longing heart.  Hopefully, he will show up tonight or else I do not know what to think 😦 *sigh


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