In Tears

In tears I find comfort

Solace from heartache and pain

His only presence is the only thing I need

But I was only taken for granted


Now I gather enough strength to raise the white flag

A sign of surrendering from the battlefield of love

This amount of hurt could no longer be tightly kept inside my heart

I treasure everything that were  memorable and forget all the anguish


With this failure in relationship all I do is cry

Cry to the fullest until the pain subsides

Because in tears I find comfort

In tears I  breakaway from the harsh bite of reality

And through tears I let go of what I feel inside




Fat Transplant?!

This curiosity hit me after I watched the “Let Them Eat Cake” episode of House M.D. In that certain episode, there was this woman who undergo gastric bypass in order to get thin.

So it struck into my brainless mind if is there such an operation wherein the fats of other people can be transferred to other people who wanted to get fat? Fat transplant for short. LOL

Simple Christmas Wishes

Everybody seems like having their grown-up Christmas list or any wishes this coming yuletide season. To join the bandwagon, I am listing my very own wish lists before this year ends. I cross my fingers, arms and legs (LOL) to make it come true!

1. To get a passport that is needed for my Germany travel next year! Hopefully the visa will be approved too.

2. More blessings, good health and safety for my families and relatives.

3. Be with my Handsome Nurse the soonest before I fly my gorgeous butt out of the country.

4. Spend some time with my college and high school friends. It has been a long while since I have not seen them. I miss our bonding and memories we shared during school days. Ah, those were the days!

5. To finish watching all the TV shows, animes and movies that I downloaded. LOL It has been eons that those stuff stuck in my computer. hahaha

6. Buy more worth reading novels and read read read! I miss reading so much.

7. Step my foot to any white sand beaches in Camotes Island. Those crystal clear blue waters, creamy white sands and serene atmosphere entice me to have fun and chill as a reward for working so hard these past three years.

8. Save and save much more moolah. hahaha I really wanted to commit myself to spend less and hope that I will not go beyond my budget when I shop, eat or travel as I prepare for my exciting European trip next year!

9. May my relationship with Handsome Nurse will really work out until the day we will meet and settle down perhaps. hehe Oh, Lord God please bless us always.

10. Be more open minded, much stronger to face all trials and a better person in the coming years.

I will not wish for something lavish because in reality I cannot have it unless some billionaire will hook up with me. hahaha May I have all the determination to make the reachable wishes come true as I am a fan of procrastination.

Could it be no more you?

“With no more you
What am I gonna do?
with no more you..”

As Akon’s No More You song continues to play in my mind it made me realized one thing, could it be no more me and Handsome Nurse?  It has been almost two weeks since we did not communicate even a single offline message or email was  not sent.  I wonder where would our relationship is heading since I do not know what happens to him and he did not reply to any of my messages.  Could it be really no more us? Could it be he found someone else and just do  not have the balls to tell me? I hope not but if that is the scenario I pray that he will let me know so that I can move on from this stagnant and waiting situation that I am into.

My faith and trust towards him are going weak.  I cannot help but to think if is there a future for our relationship to work out? Will still be there me and Handsome Nurse or could it be no more us? Could it be there is no more Handsome Nurse? ;( Geez, this sucks!