Emptiness Within

Hours are like days
Days seems weeks
Weeks appear to be months
Months into years!
I do not know how long have I been missing you
All I know is your absence took a part of me

Portion taken in some place that no one else know but you
As the sun begins to fall below the horizon emptiness fills within
Because you are nowhere to the rendezvous where I could find you
Nonetheless, I am putting up my faith to always wait for you

Alas, I only see fragments of you in my imagination
I keep tossing in my bed and tarry my sleep in hope that you will show up
But none, not even a clamor was heard
And for that my heart is in total sadness

May your absence will just be temporary
I cannot endure this pain anymore if it prolongs
This emptiness without you in my life is a torture
I do not know how would I survive with no single word from you

* I am missing you so much my Handsome Nurse, where are thou? 😦 Hope you hear the calling of my forlorn heart wanting to be with you.


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