LDR celebration sucks!

It is so hard to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or any important occasions when you are in a long distance relationship.  But it is much harder when the love of your life is not on your side, well maybe not physically but at least be closer to reality due to work schedule or anything that will hinder the two of you to be together.   With this crap that I am experiencing right now as we celebrate our 10th month, I realized how much more I value my Handsome Nurse.  I never felt something like this before, just this very moment when we seldom communicate to one another.

Reminiscing by myself the good and old times I had with my Handsome Nurse on this special day of our relationship brought me to tears.  It makes me weak and suddenly felt a sense of giving up because I can no longer take how much I miss him.  However, a huge part of me whispers that I should remain strong and think the thousands of reasons why I still not give up despite of what had happened before. Oh dear, long distance really sucks and hopefully sooner than I expected this will end.

On the positive side note, I am so thankful that we reached this 10th month.  It is a milestone for us as we had been into trials that really tested not just the relationship and trust but ourselves.   I learned so much as I take the journey of my love life with Handsome Nurse.  Experiences that really taught me a lesson on how to be much stronger, letting the pain heal by its own time and be a forgiving person despite how hurtful and cruel life gave you.

To my Handsome Nurse, you may not be with me closer to reality but may this 10th month will make us stronger and much more love to the two of us!




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